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I love to be active all over the place but my absolute favorite hobbies are photography and soccer. Also, during the school year, I particapate in college bowl, like jepordy. Also during the school year, I compete in math team, and am part of an enviromental group call STAT, or Students Taking Action for Tomorrow. I love music, and play the flute and piano. As well as all the activities that I do, I love to hang out with my friends and they play a huge part in my life.

My Movie

There is never a dull moment in my life. My sister brightens up even the darkest times from me. When she is around there is no way to be angry, depressed, or anything but happy. The most important moment in my life was when she was born. I remember anticipating her birth from the day that my parents told me I was going to have another sister.
 I was turning three in a month when my younger sister, Newt, was born. My parents thought that I should be at her birth, that it was a family event, and I should be involved. I was rather scared, Mom screaming and yelling. I didn't understand what hurt her so bad. That was the first time. The second time, five years later, Dakota was born. At the time, I was eight. I remember my parents telling me nine months before that I was going to have another brother or sister. I was thrilled. Later, once we knew that it was to be a girl, I was more excited than ever. I had very high hopes for her. She would be the one that I got to practice most of my baby-sitting on, and she would be little and cute. She would get all of this attention, and I would be the good big sister, taking care of her. I would lie in bed at night dreaming about how perfect she would be. When she came, I went to her birth, just like I had Newt's. This time, though, I was determined to be the big helper, her older sister. I brought cups of water to my mother, and washed her back. I held her hand while she screamed, even though I was still scared and it hurt my ears. Then, when Dakota finally came out, I was in awe. I vaguely remembered Newt's birth, but nothing like this. There was a baby. She had just appeared out of nowhere. I watched as they checked her over to make sure she was all right, then they put a little blue cap on her head, because they couldn't find a pink one at the time, and placed her in my mother's arms. I remember sitting on the bed with my mom, and my new little sister, looking at her cute face, and her tiny fingers curled into a fist. Later on, after my mother was asleep, I found a midwife, and helped her find a pink hat in the closet for Dakota, because my  sister had to have everything just perfect, and she deserved a traditional pink hat, and I knew that. From that point on, I knew that my life would change forever.
 Though she is now five and rather demanding at times, I was right, my life hasn't been the same since she was born. When she was only a few weeks old, my mother was out running errands, Dakota was home with Newt, my father, and me. She woke up from her afternoon nap screaming and hungry. My mother wasn't home to feed her, and we had no formula in the house, so we had to think of something, and fast, or she was going to disturb the neighbors. The only thing that worked, we found out in a matter of minutes was her sucking on my pinkie finger. She spent about an hour in my arms, sucking on my finger, until my mother finally got home. She still sometimes sits in my arms, when she is really tired, and sucks the same finger. Her first word, her first step, her first Christmas, and  her first birthday were all huge parts of my life. She and I have so many memories together, the great thing is, she loves to hear about all of the ones that she can't remember herself, and I love to tell her all about them. The age difference between us make her look up to me a great deal. I sometimes feel like I am almost another mother to her, if our mother isn't available, and neither is our father, she will come to me. I know how much she looks up to me, and because of that, I try as hard as I can to be a good role model. Sure, everyone has faults, but if I can help to teach her how not to have the same ones as I have, then I would have done something great. She learns from me what she thinks is cool, and because she does, I try to take interest in things that are good, worthwhile, and beneficial, things that you can learn from and use productively. I know that as well as me teaching her what is important and what is cool, she has taught me what it is to laugh and to really know myself.
 When entertaining a young child, she doesn't have high expectations for you. You don't have to dress a particular way for her to like you, you don't have to worry about what to say to her. Even if you do think that you are making a fool of yourself, you will most likely be brightening her day. Making a fool of yourself, is probably cracking her up. The joys of little kids, they love you unconditionally and in the process, teach you valuable lessons about yourself. My little sister has taught me how to be myself, and respect who I am, and not try to change it. She is the one who I know loves me for the me that I really am. She doesn't care about whether or not I get good grades, or if I excel at flute, she doesn't care if I don't dress like everyone else or if I have different opinions from her. She loves me for me. The one that she sees every time that we play together, and the one who will make her food when she is hungry, and help her get dressed when she can't get her dress on herself. She loves me without strings attached, whether I play with her or not, and whether or not I have time for her. Just being in her life, has made the difference to her. Just like it has for me. Dakota just being in my life has made all of the difference. I love her and I respect her innocent, naive values that she imposes on everyone she meets. She is my  sister, and herself at the same time, and for that, I adore and value her.