Curriculum Vitae

I suppose the best way to do this is to spew data off the top of my head:

Historical (in temporal order):
    Auditioned for Tarzan’s son                                            failed to get the part
    Classified ‘High potential under achiever’ in school         never lived it down
    War resistor and general outlaw                                     still doin’ my time
    EMT/Trauma Technician big upstate hospital                  you get to see it all
    Blacksmith                                                                      ornamental ironwork & strange anchors in small costal town
    Steelworkers Union at big steel company                         union important, not the company
    AS                                                                                  Mechanical Design
    BA                                                                                  Sculpture/Media
    Software Engineer                                                          loosely tied to the control and feeding of graphics devices
    2 years in Japan                                                              taught technical English & Software Design
    Black Belt Judo                                                                but I’m older now
    Laser Light Show Company                                              care and feeding of the terminally famous
    Started a startup (with 4 others)
      computer/laser assisted lay-up for aircraft                  if you ride an airplane, look for my name on the parts
    Co-author of Direct Application of CAD Data in Hand Laid Composites Production: Methods and Benefits
    Software Engineer                                                          we’re only in it for the money
    Emmy Award                                                                   won’t dance, don’t ask me

Critical Facts (in no order whatsoever:
    Currently hiding out in suburbia with three children awaiting the revolution
    One arrest (taking forbidden pictures of Albany police force in action)
    Mask Maker and general Artist – we definitely need a new visual semantics
    United States Soccer Federation Referee
    Have a low level security clearance (it's true)
    Used to play pretty good Irish whistle – now only occasionally

What I want to be when I grow up:
    Striving to be a Good Father, an iconoclast, an enlightened person (In that Order)
    Wouldn’t mind changing the world for the better

Looking for:
   Community to really live in (see critical facts #1)