Work Resume

    Fluent in: C++, C, 680n0 Assembler.
    Experience in: JAVA, Other Assembly Languages, LISP, PASCAL, FORTH, FORTRAN
    Operating systems: NT, Apple Macintosh, DOS, CGOS (Computervision), CPM

    Current AVID Technology, Principal Software Engineer

    1998-1999 Synapix Corp., Senior Video Engineer
    *   Implemented a class of devices to handle media I/O. Included
           Implemented interface to 3rd party deck control software
           Implemented video capture and playback using studio z board
           Implemented Audio and Linear Time Code capture and playback on Antex SC2000 board
           Implement Linear Time Code capture on SC2000
           Devices have state and/or control
           There is a threaded manager class to synchronize capture and playback emmy.jpg
    *   Implemented Java and JNI wrapper access to device manager dll
    *   Implemented fast I/O handlers underneath OMF

    1994-1998  AVID Technology, Principal Software Engineer
    *  Implemented the device management for AVID Multi-Cam
        (simultaneous playback of  multiple synchronized video streams)
        Management of multiple video streams to two codecs and mixer
        to produce multiple simultaneous video streams.
        Project won an Emmy award for technical achievement in the field of
        television. (see picture)
    * Implemented a complete Video Device Manager for proprietary
       pipelined board:
         Device classes present a set of consistent (for all boards) set of abstract devices
         to client,  regardless of how physical devices are managed.  Device classes included:
           FIFOs (In and Out) implemented as a combination of software buffers and
           hardware FIFOs
           Codecs - software managed part of interface from hardware FIFO and
           ZORAN codec, loading Q and Huffman tables to manage compression and decompression of video.
          Color Corrector - managed a proprietary chip.
          Video Resizer - managed part of a proprietary chip and 3rd party resizer.
          Blender - managed a 2 channel, multi-alpha input video mixer.
          DSK - managed two video keyers.
          Video In/Out - managed a video codec with frame buffer.

    1988-93  Assembly Guidance Systems, Principal Software Engineer
    * One of the four principals involved in a startup company to build extremely accurate LASER marking
       CAM systems for the Aerospace industry.
    * Completely responsible for entire software project for LASER marking system.
       Project included:
               Real time driver for precision LASER scanners.
               Implementation of user friendly GUI for workers on factory floor via touch screen.
               Implementation of a small CAD-like graphics system for direct data entry.
               Handler for precision tablet including function key design and support.
               Support and conversion for IGES, HPGL, and NC input from external CAD systems.
               Writing System Manager's Manual.
               Customer support.
    * Management of Software Engineering; includes:
               Strategic and Project Planning
               Goal/Task Management
               R&D Budget Planning and Management
               Hiring, Firing, and Management of Engineering Staff
               Customer Interface for Prototype Delivery and Installation

     1984-88  Image Engineering Co. (Somerville, MA).   Director of Software
    * Conceive, specify, design, and implement a real time interactive 3D LASER vector graphics system.
            Project included:
               Writing 68020 native code for a parallel processor (on VME Bus) driving the D/A ports and real
               time transforms for two LASER scanning heads.
               Real time user interface.
               Animation and drawing system.
               Tickertape text generation system for LASERS.
               User action (MACRO)recording system.
    * Supervise the design and implementation of raster to vector conversion system by outside
              contractor for the Macintosh system.
    * Design and implement LASER display database.
    * Conceive, specify, design, and implement CAD like graphics system for artists on IBM 9000.
              Project included:
                   Full database support for 3D geometries, fractal generator, subfigure libraries, and
                   geometric database to display list database interface.
                   Handler and driver for PROM bomber.
                   Graphics tablet handler.
                   Design standard color table for LASERS with user assignable colors via LASER pallet.
                   Automatic LASER blanking and optimization.
    * Conceive, specify, design, and implement filmic model of program scripting for LASER
              3D animation system.
              Project included:
                   Multiple icon display.
                   Automatic image to image interpolation (inbetweening).
                   Full 3D transforms & adjustable projection aspect ratio.

    * Implement communication & database conversion tools for Z80 to IBM graphics systems.
    * Help specify International LASER Display Association (ILDA) LASER file format.
    * High level training in IEC LASER systems use.

    1982-84  Singer Nikko Co. (Utsunomiya, Japan)   Consultant
    * Taught software design and technical English around a project to implement micro processor (6800) controlled sewing machine.

     1978-82  Computervision Co. (Bedford, Ma.)  Senior Engineer
    * Design and implement generalized database support for graphics devices.
    * Design and implement handler and driver for off line Versatec plotter.
    * Design and implement handler for off line Xynetics pen  plotter.
    * Design and implement handler for Calcomp 960 pen plotter.
    * Implement handler and driver for CV intelligent Terminal/Plotter.
    * Design and implement graphic input system for CV CADDS 4, including user interface
       with interchangeable graphics function key overlays and generalized input device handler.

    * I have extensive background in writing drivers and handlers for graphics devices,
        particularly vector devices, including plotters and LASER scanners.
    * I have extensive background in graphics databases including the complete design of a
        graphics database for LASER scanners and the design of device records for CADDS database.
    * I am a self starter that can take a project from start to finish with little or no supervision.
    * I am extremely good at getting the information and resources that are needed and evolving unique solutions to problems.
    * I have outstanding ability to learn and adapt.
    * My communication skills are excellent.

    1975-78 Massachusetts College of Art, BFA Sculpture and Intermedia
    1973-75 Wentworth Institute, AS Mechanical Design Engineering

     * Emmy award for technical achievment in television
    *  International LASER Display Association for best software effects1985
     * Association for Computing Machinery Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics (SIGGRAPH)
     * IEEE
     * Co-author of Direct Application of CAD Data in Hand Laid Composites Production: Methods and Benefit

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laser picture
Prototype of LASER Display System with reflected LASER Light