Thunder 2004

            Copyright Victor Young 2004

Long ago in the time of the ancient ones, the people were cold when the careless winter sun shone only weakly. For six months of the year, the people never felt the sun's warmth.

At this time Thunder, the talking god was angry at the sun's carelessness because when it was cold He could not speak as often or as loudly. Thunder was angry. He saved his strength and waited.

One dark day, first man was hunting. He was cold and miserable. He had been cold for many months. Thunder looked down at first man and He grew very very angry. He got so angry that he spoke with His mighty voice.

First man was standing next to a tree when Thunder spoke. The tree was split down the middle by Thunder's mighty voice. First man was thrown to the ground. When first man arose, he thought he was dreaming. He was warm. He saw light and felt heat dancing in the broken tree. He knelt and thanked the Thunder god.

First man sat by the tree for a long time growing warm. He notices that the light and heat diminished after a while and he got the idea to pick up some of the branches of the tree and add them. Then the light and heat grew again. First man was very excited. He called the light and heat coming from the wood Fire. He picked up a branch with fire on it and ran to the village.

When the people saw the fire and heard the story of first man, they gave their thanks to Thunder and they never suffered from the cold again.