Victor Young graduated from the Massachusetts College of Art in Sculpture and Media and went on to work in Video and Performance and finally Mask and Totem making.  A multi-media artist, Victor has been a member of Boston Performance Artists, Mobius Performing Group, and several special interest groups on the use of Computer Graphics in the Association for Computing Machinery.  His work has been shown in Japan, Germany, Brazil, and the U.S.  Past interests include the juxtaposition of autobiographical material with multi-media images, including prints, sculpture, masks, and computer generated images.  Currently he is focused almost exclusively on making masks and totems.  In his secular life he writes software, coaches and referees soccer, and raises children.     
BTW,I do sell the masks.  E-mail me if you want info.


Daughters are the greatest invention ever.  Raising them is the hardest thing I have ever done, and by far the most rewarding.Their views constantly astound me.  Their wonder at and love of life is my inspiration.