Glass, Resin
Copyright © Victor Young 2000

I had a friend that was a mime. He told me that mimes were not allowed to talk while in whiteface. In fact, he said the training was so rigorous that it was virtually impossible for him to talk while he was in whiteface. I was skeptical until a few years later. I had watched a mime perform in the dusk. After the performance he passed a small bag and silently encouraged the watchers to put money in it. The crowd drifted away and he started to pack up. I was about 50 yards away when I saw a man walk up and grab the mime's money bag. At first I stupidly assumed it was some part of the act. The mime chased the man, never making a sound. He was fast and soon overtook the theif. The man stopped and struck the mime in the mouth. He struck him over and over. I started running to help. When I got to where the mime lay, he looked up at me, blood dripping from his face. He opened his mouth in a scream, but no sound escaped.
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