Shameless Solicitation
Well, it is a .com site after all. The basic problem is that I am running out  of room in my house for all the things I make. So buy something!  I am happy to trade as well.

All the masks are for sale (and many others besides). There are 65 of them that  are being photographed for a book we hope is to be published so if you  choose one of those you will have to make it available to be photographed.   On the other hand, there is an outside possibility that the value of the  mask could go up?

Below is some other stuff I make or have made for presents, etc. You can be the  first on your block to own ...

Journals ($50)

Lamps (price varies)

Talking Sticks (price varies)

Walking Sticks (price varies)

Athanes, Swords (price varies)