felt works
Victor Young

  Curriculum Vitae    

  Historical (in temporal order)    
    Auditioned for Tarzan's son failed to get the part  
    Classified ‘High potential under achiever’ in high school fame comes early  
    War resistor and general outlaw still doin' my time  
    EMT/Trauma Technician big upstate hospital the unreported war zone  
    Blacksmith ornamental iron & strange anchors in a costal town  
    Steelworker Union Man  
    AS Mechanical Design Engineering  
    BFA Sculpture & Media  
    Software Engineer control and feeding of graphics devices  
    2 years in Japan teaching English and Software Design  
    Laser Light Show Company care and feeding of the terminally famous  
    co-founder Assembly Guidance Systems if you ride an airplane, look for my name on the parts  
    Software Engineer (again) we’re only in it for the money  
    Emmy Award won’t dance, don’t ask me  

  Critical Facts (in no order whatsoever)    
    Currently hiding out in suburbia with three children awaiting the revolution  
    Mask Maker and general Artist – we definitely need a new visual semantics  
    United States Soccer Federation Referee  
    Have a low level security clearance (it's true)  
    Used to play pretty good Irish whistle – now only occasionally