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In the sixties I believed I should love everyone but now I find tolerance quite acceptable.

I was an idealistic kid.  I used to dream that my life would have a perfect purity to it, that I would never sell out to anything or anyone.  I was absolutely sure I would be the one unaffected by the insanity.


Now I get paid big bucks to write video and film editing software and some folks in The Industry threw a big shindig at a swanky place in Beverly Hills and gave me an Emmy for software that allowed them to make their sitcoms faster and, yes, I felt the sin of pride.  Basiclly I have found that if you are going to walk through the swamp, you're gonna get some on ya.  In truth, I am often mistaken for a yuppie or a bobo (check out David Brooks' new book).  I am hiding out in an upscale suburban community where my daughter's class celebrates diversity by having her bring in her grandmother's Seder Plate (NOT KIDDING).  People here take national elections seriously without showing any cynicism.  We talk about moving to a place where we will fit in better but have yet to find one.  I'll trade you a mask for any lead that pays off.

I grew up to find I was a guest at a very strange tea party and haven't quite figured out how I got here.  When exactly did we start confusing oxymorons with integrity?  How come nobody laughs at the term Practical Idealism?  Am I the only one who thinks Compassionate Conservatism is a euphemism for bend over?

In truth I often mistake myself for a sucessful guy that has made it, if not to the top, then at least to the top ten percent.  Come to find out that's not how I want to see myself.  It's a poor myth with a second rate hero.  I need to set out on a different journey, one with more meaning than success and certainly a more mythic one.  I'm not yet sure it needs a hero, but it does need to be a lot more heroic than the one I've created thus far.  Hence, MythAndImage.

This site then is an attempt to get back to some level of self I have traded off and sold out.  It is my art, my thinking, and my history (the part I value).

Anyway, I do sell the masks, monoprints, and sculpture.  For info, e-mail me (click the contact link).   If you need to see more, I can throw some stuff up on a private page for your viewing.  If you are poor or have something cool, I would also consider a trade.   I am also open to trading links.  Your site has to have as much integrity as mine (which shouldn't be that hard) and present something unique and, preferably, interesting.  If your site is made up mostly of regurgitated culture I will probably beg off.

I am supposed to note at this point that all this stuff is Copyrighted, trademarked, protected, protracted, and warranted to be free of defect for the life of a positron.  Please don't rip off anything.  There ain't really nothin' here worth stealing.  If you want to use anything, ask.  I'll probably be flattered and say yes if it's for something non-commercial.  If you do decide to steal something, maybe you could at least give credit and please don't associate it with anything ugly.  Thanks.

If you think you might like entrance to the private family area, like maybe you're a distant cousin or something, e-mail me for the passwords.  If you would prefer to crack them it isn't really that hard and we aint exactly hiding state secrets.  It's just a privacy issue for some of the folks.

The Other Stuff
You can also e-mail me if you just want to talk about something interesting.  Something interesting is left sufficiently vague to include an eclectic range of topics and ideas.  However,
Interesting subjects specifically Do Not Include:
        Special offers to buy ANYTHING!
                    If you do this to me I will set my limited creative powers to figuring ways to get even.
        Subscriptions to ANYTHING!
        ANY FREE OFFER!    If in doubt you probably do not have anything I want.
        Missionary e-mail of any kind.
                    Don't spread the answer around.  It screws up the search some of us are interested in.
                    I'd love to hear and debate religious ideas (or anything else) but if you're sure you know the answer,
                    make sure you don't tell it to me;  Including but not limited to (in order of nastiness)
                              New Age Stupidity .
                                        I am new here, this is my first time on the planet; haven't any past lives yet so don't bother.
                                        No one is coming to get us, save us, or offer any kind of enlightenment.
                                        If they were I would be the first to sign up for the resistance.
                                        I have seen one perfectly enlightened person.  He was cool but still just folks.
                                        I don't need men, sex, or power; I have enough of each (well, almost).
                                        I've never met a witch I didn't like.
                                        Suburban shamanism sucks.
                                        I abuse my inner child.  DSS has threatened to take him away.
                    I am a member of Truth Anonymous.  I'm doing One Day At A Time.
                    Don't attempt to convert me to any monotheistic religion. There are way too many true gods.
                    Don't attempt to convert me to any political party.  We have at least three too many.